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Tues, Wed, Fri, & Saturdays


9.15 to 5.15 with gap for lunch


Please book or check before coming in as these hours can vary sometimes. 



We are at the North St end (Non Pedestrianised) of Sheep Street. 

Taxis can usually drop outside us if needed, nearest disabled parking is neer The Methodist Church. 


We are out of main town pedestrian area, nearly North Street.


Near to The Angel, Bicester Dental care, Broadribbs Cycles, Home at 96, Denis Restaurant, Copper Kitchen.

3D Optical Coherence Tomography Scanning

We have highly advanced, hospital level equipment in our 3D OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography) Scanners.

We have both a new Revo 3D scanner with high resolution scans and imaging, and Topcon 3D OCT with imaging.


These allow us to see many more areas of the eye than the traditional eye exam or somewhere with a junior member of staff taking a single basic scan. We can give a much more definite answer about an issue, detect eye health problems earlier and monitor more efficiently. 


The scanner takes thousands of measurements, to create a map of the critical areas of the back of the eye. These measurements can then be compared to other people with the same age, gender and other characteristics, or to your own previous scans to determine whether a variation seen is within a normal range for you. 


This means we can give you an answer about something much more easily and know exactly which clinic to send you to if you do need referring for specialist opinion.


It also means we can monitor any changes in your eye in a much more accurate way, and be able to look far more at prevention than traditional methods can.


We can look for risks connected to diabetes, detachments, tears and damage to the retina, macula degeneration, tumours of the eye, monitor optic nerve fibre layers and determine likely risk of glaucoma.

As the technology is used more, there are suggestions that it could help diagnose issues like Multiple Sclerosis, Thyroid issues, some forms of dementia and much more. 




We also use the icare tonometer, a modern more accurate method of measuring the eye pressure, without the puff of air that many people dislike. 


Our eye exams are done on electronic exam charts, allowing many different letter and test options, including pictures for children or shapes/numbers for people who can't use letters. 


We can also use digital face measuring technology, so that the level of accuracy in ordering your glasses can be high enough to produce extremely good fits and access to new lens technology not typically available on the high street.

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