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Honest Advice,

Thorough Healthcare

Friendly atmosphere

Fashionable glasses

Big range of styles & sizes

Value and Quality 


Covid 19 update July 2022


As long as guidelines allow,

patient masks are now optional.

We have invested in Air8 UV+6 layer HEPA Filtration systems, which kill many viruses and bacteria and reduce dust and pollen. We also regularly open doors and windows exchanging air, so we are happy that even without masks we can keep you safe.

We will often tend to still wear one ourselves when close, but can remove if  needed, for example if you can't hear us.




We think that an eye exam shouldn't feel as if it is just about selling glasses, more about the health and performance of your vision and finding the right solution for you as an individual. If you need glasses or contact lenses we have lovely ones but will only recommend if needed. 


Our eye exams are typically over an 1 hour, compared to many places only 15 to 30 min.




Our no pressure, professional led practice is designed to find the right options for you.

We hope that you will join other patients and customers who have realised that choosing glasses doesn't have to be stressful - and can even be quite fun!


"For the first time I really enjoyed choosing my glasses, and left excited about when they would be ready"


"I don't feel like taking them off, the frame is so comfortable and the lenses so clear" 


"I feel relieved to know exactly what is going on with my eyes, the Scan has put my mind at rest."


"I didn't really expect to notice the better quality lenses discussed, but was amazed at the difference, Well done, thank you."


"I'd long ago abandoned hope of enjoying the friendly, old fashioned (in the best sense), caring and relaxed service you provide - in any sphere actually. To come across thorough experts, who don't hide behind their professional persona, but are real, normal people first and foremost, is a rare thing; in my experience, anyway."


"I felt safe, and able to ask questions, I have never had such a thorough eye examination, thank you"


Surprisingly big range


We have access to many suppliers, and are always looking at the latest trends as well as classic styles.

Our small size hides a range that often surprises our patients.




We allocate typically at least 1 hour for an adult's eye exam, and include Retinal Photography and central OCT scan as needed for no extra charge, whether NHS or Private. 


 We have invested in advanced and accurate equipment such as the icare "No Puff" tonometer for measuring glaucoma risk, do advanced Visual Field Examination and look at the eye in relation to your whole body health, including thorough and careful questioning to determine both your risks and your visual needs. 


We have a 3D OCT Retinal Scanner (Optical Coherence Tomographer) available as needed and requested.

With this we check both the centre and periphery of the retina, along with detailed imaging and scanning, for example of the macular, optic nerve, vitreous attachment, cornea, anterior chamber, lens, iris, lids.


Many places offering OCT have a support staff member take one or two images. We do the examination ourselves and take many images and measurements during your examination. 


This can then be compared with past results and with Medical databases which help to support us in identifying any eye issues early.

Your risk of future eye disease and reasons for any current symptoms can then be assessed with much greater confidence than with just the traditional tests. 


This machine has amazed us with the level of extra care and detail we can now provide, especially when monitoring or looking for risks of eye disease.


Still relatively new in a high street setting, OCT scanning is used extensively in hospital, especially for Macular Degeneration (ARMD).


We have had referrals from other local Optometrists and Ophthalmologists to monitor and confirm suspected diagnoses, and more than once it has meant the patient going straight to the correct clinic or specialist, speeding up access to treatment and avoiding unecessary hospital visits. 


Our scanner also allows us to measure the front of the eye with great accuracy and can help with dry eye and contact lens health care, as well as looking at cataract development or corneal changes in detail. 


100 Sheep Street Bicester OX26 6LP

01869 242740 01869 242740



Please ring or email contact@

to book


Usually the practice is open Tues, Wed, Fri, Sat 9 to 5 with gap for lunch but please book or check before coming in.


Mon, Thurs and some Sat we do remote triage so please leave a message or email  


We are often available 7 days a week by phone, email or facebook.


We are at the North end (NON Pedestrianised) of Sheep Street, opposite Broadribbs Cycles, next to The Angel and Bicester Dental Care.

This is slightly out of main town - nearly North Street.

Near to Home at 96, Denis Restaurant, Copper Kitchen.

PARKING - There is 2 hours free Parking in central Bicester, in the Sainsburys multistory. There are lifts down to Pioneer Square.


Turn left from the lifts or come out of Sainsburys and head up towards the travelodge and library. 

Then turn right onto Wesley Lane, and then left onto Sheep Street and you will see us. 

There is disabled on street parking near to the practice, by the Methodist Church.

Otherwise there is Pay & Display parking in The Cattle Market car park, Market Square and next to Deans Court and a Park and Ride on the A41 
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